Enya shows us how to spice up your beauty in 2017

Enya Flack presents “Beauty Spice up your New Year”, beauty products that contain cooking spice ingredients.

Paprika—this spicy seasoning is a ground spice made from red air-dried fruits of bell pepper or sweet pepper, sometimes others types of peppers are included. For Beauty: Paprika has antibacterial, antioxidant, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and energizing medicinal properties.

  1. ZSS Radiant Skin System nourishes, protects, and renews with this skin care system that brings out natural skin radiance, locks in moisture, and reduces the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles while protecting from damaging environmental aggressors. Formulated with the exclusive skin antioxidant, Zeaxanthin (a carotenoid found in paprika), and naturally derived ingredients. $159 for 45-day program or $129 for 30-day program, ZSS-Skincare.com


Cardamom is one of the world’s most expensive spices. It is made from the seeds of several different plants. It is used as cooking spices in both food and drink. For Beauty: cardamom improves collagen production and is high in antioxidants to fight premature aging.


  1. HydroPeptide Power Lift contains Cardamon. This formula targets visible signs of aging and quenches dry skin. It also includes pineapple ceramides. This formula attracts moisture to the skin’s surface sealing in hydration. Visibly lifts, tightens, and increases skin’s luminosity. $96 com





Marjoram has a sweet pine and citrus flavor. The leaves are cultivated for culinary purposes. For Beauty: Marjoram Essential Oil is used to treat skin problems effectively with nourishing, hydrating and protecting properties and has a nice scent.


  1. DECLEOR Paris’ Intense Nutrition Hydra Nourishing Duo Mask contains Marjoram: This mask offers two phases. The unique texture of this duo mask transforms into a delicate oil, providing nutrients and fatty acids to skin suffering from tightness and discomfort. Formulated with Essential Oil of Marjoram along with Oils from Cranberry, Chestnut, Cocoa, and Avocado. $44 com

Cumin is a flowering plant. Its seeds are dried are used in the cuisines of many different cultures, in both whole and ground form. For Beauty: Cumin acts as an antioxidant to fight free radicals. It has antibacterial properties, promotes radiant skin.

  1. M. Collin Daily Ceramide Comfort Capsules contain Cumin: These replenishing and nourishing single-dose skin care capsules are formulated with combination of ingredients, such as cumin, soybean oil and vitamin E to improve the skin’s epidermal moisture barrier. Gives the skin a silky-smooth texture for fine lines and wrinkles. $98.00 GMCollin.com



Ginger produces a hot, fragrant kitchen spice. Its adds a fiery and pungent flavor to foods. For Beauty: Ginger has major anti-aging benefits. Its antiseptic properties make it great for cleansing and it works wonders for the scalp.


  1. ClausPorto Spiced Citrus Soap is made with 100% vegetable oils and is enriched with walnut extract and Ginger. This formula also contains the Nutmeg spice from the seed of the fruit of the Nutmeg tress. For Beauty: Nutmeg, has curing benefits. $12





Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a clove tree (an evergreen). Cloves flavor meats & deserts and used to give aroma and flavor to hot beverages.  For Beauty and grooming Cloves contain many nutrients that are extremely important to the body such as vitamins A and C to keep the skin healthy. Cloves work as a gentle exfoliant and provide a nice smell!

  1. Surya Brasil’s Sapien Men Facial Scrub contains cloves! It’s a 100% vegan and organic facial scrub that removes impurities from the skin’s surface and deeply cleans pores, leaving the skin smooth and soft. It makes shaving more comfortable. The scrub also controls oiliness to leave the skin hydrated, while also helping in the treatment of acne. There are no harsh microbeads along with an organic formula of aloe vera, clover, cedarwood and orange oil. suryabrasilproducts.com $16


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