9 local women, 9 stories come to stage in “Revelations” at Converse College

9 local women from different backgrounds with different stories are bringing their talents to the stage at Converse College this weekend.  Our guests tell us about the show running from October 21- October 23 at Wilson Hall at Converse College.  Buy Tickets: https://apps.vendini.com/ticket-software.html?t=tix&w=d1050b415256997684fba89c6d18de13&vqitq=ef510472-931c-4233-9333-fe0f6e6c1b6e&vqitp=5ef9d529-9099-4f95-b9bb-8f917c97bdb8&vqitts=1443701776&vqitc=vendini&vqite=itlwww&vqitrt=Safetynet&vqith=84cd767771385e88a8d710c324e35731


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