Tiger Fever: Chef Cicely Austin’s Clemson Shortbread Cookies


Clemson Executive Pastry Chef Cicely Austin joins us in the kitchen for a Clemson shortbread cookie recipe:

Clemson Shortbread Cookie Recipe:

4 cups Butter (= 8 sticks )

2 cups sugar

2-3 Tbl spoons vanilla extract

6 yolks

3 pounds of flour or 12 cups of AP flour


Cream the butter and sugar with the paddle attachment of your mixer, until pale and soft. Add the vanilla and yolks, then gradually add the flour in 2 installments. Once the dough forms scrape down the sides and continue to mix on low speed. Then place the dough in a plastic ziploc bag or plastic wrap and allow to chill for at least an hour or over night. After the dough has chilled roll the cookie dough out between parchment paper cut with a cookie cutter and bake @325 for 10-15 minutes; cool and decorate.

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