As Temperatures Drop – Layer Up

When temperatures drop, the elderly have a more difficult time adapting to the cold weather. We run the risk of health problems and fall injuries related to the cold wintery elements. It is vitally important that we, and those we love, take the proper precautions during the winter season.
Layer up and protect yourself from the winter elements!

A simple three layer system can be used to protect you from the cold weather and health-related illnesses including hypothermia and frostbite:
• A base layer should be worn to keep you dry and non-restrictive when keeping you warm to allow blood to flow freely.
• An insulation layer should be next and can be removed or added as temperatures rise or fall.
• The last layer is the environmental layer which should be loose fitting, water-resistant and breathable to allow moisture to flow through the fabric so it is not trapped. Wear appropriate footwear, gloves, and a hat.

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